tiny spells demos (august 2015)

by tiny spells

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A place to put all my demo stuff while I try out a load of new stuff. Mostly loops for videogame ideas.


released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


tiny spells Birmingham, UK

late night chiptune spellcasting and potions

looking out for projects, hit me up if you need some music for a game

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Track Name: Flashing Lights (2nd August 2015)
Logic is still apparently not opening - last night I apparently caught it at a good moment.

This is my first experiment with Ableton this time around (I've dabbled with it before), I even set up some midi tracks to output cool flashing lights on my launchpad mini, henceforth the name.
Track Name: System Restore on Point (3rd August 2015)
So I did a system restore because my HDMI out isn't working (Thanks, Windows 10), and it a) uninstalled ableton and b) made logic work again?!

I love logic, I've been using it for 10 years now? This was a good thing to happen. More ableton soon though.
Track Name: Can't Beat Lv. 50 (3rd August 2015)
I can't beat level 50 of Geometry Wars 3.

I have tried it many times. It has beaten me.
Track Name: Tiny Loop #01 (4th August 2015)
A.k.a. my first time messing around on nanoloop!
Track Name: Who even needs HDMI, whatever (12th August 2015)
I have spent too many hours of my life trying to fix Logic and my laptop's HDMI port in the last few weeks, mainly because of upgrading to Windows 10. I finally downgraded this morning, which has fixed Logic, but not my HDMI port. Ha. Hahaha.
Track Name: Summerslam (12th August 2015)
I sort've stayed up all night last night, and I made this after my first nap of the day. Summerslam is coming and I was looking at all the Tiny Spells stuff I'd uploaded previously and noted the second song I ever uploaded was called Wrestlemania. I figured it could use a sister song. This is definitely confirmation that next time I'm stuck for a title I'm just going to choose past Wrestling PPV names.

Anyway, I had another nap after finishing this, and now it's 11:30pm and I'm making a pizza and maybe I'll get to sleep eventually!
Track Name: Cat Party (15th August 2015)
I finally looked into how to make that burbley chiptune sound.
Track Name: Cat Garden (16th August 2015)
The window in my music room looks out into our tiny back garden, and our cats are currently in and around that space right now.

Then I opened the window and a spider scuttled inside.
Track Name: Work Work Work Work (17th August 2015)
I only have 4 days left of my Summer holiday and I've forgotten all my work passwords.