11 days (formerly 365)

by tiny spells

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I'm a bad person, I forgot about this project, the whole thing is up for free download, enjoy.

I've started a new similar tiny spells project obviously.


released November 4, 2014



all rights reserved


tiny spells Birmingham, UK

late night chiptune spellcasting and potions

looking out for projects, hit me up if you need some music for a game

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Track Name: 001 A Good Start (03/11/2014)
I've started using ableton as my main DAW recently, and this is a quick synthy indiepop instrumental that I put together with it. It's nice, this might get fleshed out into a Sonic the Comic song at a later date, or maybe for a game or something.
Track Name: 002 Falling Asleep Again (04/11/2014)
Made a few short loops, promptly fell asleep for an hour listening to them.
Track Name: 003 A Day Late (05/11/2014)
Had plans all evening so this was late happening (like, a day later). This is another potential STC idea, started life as several loops, and I just put it into a rough sequence this evening. I definitely enjoy using Ableton for testing out how songs flow, and where different elements cut it or out.
Track Name: 004 Pizza & Videogames (06/11/2014)
I've had both of those things tonight, more specifically, a takeaway pizza and Infamous: Second Son on PS4. Both were really good, so here's a little upbeat piece of music.
Track Name: 005 Made this and then listened to Hyperballad again and now everything sucks (07/11/2014)
Everything musically sucks. Hyperballad by Bjork is such a perfect song.
Track Name: 006 Getting Productive at Unsociable Hours (08/11/2014)
Starting messing with some non-chiptune sounds. I like where this is going soundwise. To be continued. It's very late.
Track Name: 007 Way Too Late (09/11/2014)
The last few days are a bit blurry in terms of music - I started this on Sunday night, that's true. And I even continued work on it yesterday evening, but here's the thing - both times I kept getting lulled to sleep by listening to the track. It's really chilled out and I think I work on music way, way too late at night. It's nice though. Really nice.
Track Name: 008 Getting Really Good at Sleeping (10/11/2014)
I'm definitely lying about the date on this one - I made it up tonight (which is actually the 11th). I haven't really figured out the right procedure for when I fall behind on this thing. Let's pretend I made this yesterday. (In actual fact I just got drowsy working on the previous track yesterday) (In actual actual fact I got drowsy working on this track tonight). Really simple, just really relaxing.
Track Name: 009 Combinations (11/11/2014)
I tried making something more upbeat with the same sounds as the previous two tracks but I think I don't like it. Some nice ideas but this one is a bit of a late night mess really. At least I'm back on track! And you've got to get the rubbish stuff out before you get to the good stuff so this happened for a reason obviously.
Track Name: 010 Kick! Punch! Run! (12/11/2014)
I started this out at around 110bpm, it had a nice bouncy vibe and sounded really nice. Then I put the tempo up and never went back. I think after the last few sleepy nights it's about time I go back to the upbeat energetic stuff.
Track Name: 011 Ghost House (02/12/2014)
Whoops, I kind've lost a few weeks to feeling ill and playing videogames. i'm going to attempt to catch up over the rest of this month obviously.

This track is continuing on from the theme of the last track, there's a bendy square synth that I'm having a lot of fun with for making up lead melodies.